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We do hope to be able to build a school that is set up to met the needs of severely traumatised children. I have met all of the children and cried many tears over them.

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My name is Joseph Suyia, in 2008, I visited a village called Osinandei in SW Kenya (near the Kenya-Tanzania border). There, I met 3 very poor and destitute but ambitious and clever children.

These are their stories of triumph over great adversity;


He is a 14 year old boy whose life has been fraught with more hardship than anyone could possibly bear. He was born to a single mother, a rare and frowned upon circumstance in Maasai culture. The elders of his village decided that there was no way that he could be let to live as he brought shame to the village being born in a ‘fatherless’ family.

Three attempts were made on his life from when he was only a 2 month old baby up until he underwent circumcision which occurs when boys are 12 years old and through luck or maybe divine intervention, he was able to survive all attempts and is now a happy and thriving young man doing his best in high school with generous help from Education Care Projects-Kenya.


This bright young lady is 9. She too was born to an unwed mother who luckily was adopted by a childless woman in the village as is the norm in Maasai culture. See it is the tradition that when an older woman is without children and is able, she is free to adopt a female orphan from the village and take care of her and her offspring if she is not married.

Lillian was born into this household and again as is custom, she was married off, at her tender age, to an older man. There she suffered terrible abuse but I’m happy to say that we got her out in time and she is now doing exceptionally well in primary school thanks to Education Care Projects-Kenya.


Elizabeth like many unfortunate children in Kenya is an orphan and hence did not have anyone to speak out for her. She grew up in Osinandei with a foreboding of a life that included the now illegal female genital mutilation and early marriage to someone who was several times her age. She really did not have much to look forward to but we, in collaboration with Education Care Projects-Kenya, got her to school and now she is looking at a bright future filled with hope and aspiration.


Their stories are, unfortunately, not rare nor are they unique. Hundreds of thousands of Kenyan children share them, but there is hope and I believe fervently that education will rescue them and give them what they lack most of all, hope. Education truly is the answer and I cannot thank Carole Platt enough for what she and her organisation Education Care Projects-Kenya are doing not just in Osinandei but in Kenya at large.

Joseph Suyia


Since the establishment of Hands of Hope East Africa, it has been an incredible journey both for us as an organization and the children we are supporting.

It has been a privileged to personally witness, the growth of these children who were once homeless, sick, wild, and illiterate and stealing from people in the streets. They had no one to turn to and had nothing to hope for.

With help from Education Care Projects – Kenya it is just amazing how the lives of these children have changed: knowing that these children were once living, fighting and begging in the streets, in the past and seeing them now, in school, reading, singing, healthy and talking about the way God has changed their lives is just wonderful.

These children have formed a community with one another constantly, laughing, smiling and making jokes whenever they are together. They are happily living like real sisters and brothers, their love for one another is very real. While we thank Education Care Projects we know that this beautiful change is something that can only be attributed to a miracle from God.

Some of the children were once sick. Dennis had serious eye problems and could literally have gone blind but thanks to his Australian sponsor was able to be taken to see an eye specialist and now he is getting better and can clearly see.

Dismas was abused and abandoned and was sick almost to death when he was found but with the help of Education Care Projects – Kenya his life was changed. He was provided with medical treatment and care and now he is a healthy and happy lovely boy who is now attends a school for children who are recovering from trauma .

It is satisfying to see these children in school, in good health;
spiritually physically and mentally. They were once wild and abusive and they used to be thieves but now the only thing they can steal is your heart.

Thanks again Education Care Projects – Kenya for helping us children tbe where we are now!

God bless you.

Nestor, Hands of Hope

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    Dismas smiles after good food, love & care

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    Children enjoying their food!
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