KINI Mara Honey Project

In May of 2019, I (Carole) spent a week with Barbara Parkins, the founding director of KINI. KINI is an NGO based in Kenya and a partner with Education Care Projects Kenya in providing education and care to as many Kenyan children as possible.

Education Care Projects Kenya, based in Australia, is always looking to fund projects that have the potential to replace KINI’s reliance on overseas donors as that is very much their preferred option.

Barbara had written a proposal to produce Mara honey to be sold on both the local and tourist markets. The local forests provide an abundance of flowering trees and shrubs and offer ideal locations for hives. The more we considered the proposal the more potential we saw for it to generate funds and provide training and a casual job for at least one local woman.

ECPK decided to fund 25 hives and stands, a suit and gloves and an assortment of jars, lids and labels.

The first harvest from three hives has filled 89 jars. They will sell in Nairobi for 5000Ksh ($6 AUD) a jar.

Once COVID is not an issue and the tourists return it will be sold in small jars at the lodges and souvenir shops.

Current Needs

Barbara’s House

Barbara Parkins lives and works in Kenya. She is the founder of KINI which is an organisation that takes care of vulnerable Maasai children and enables them to have an education.

Education Care Projects Kenya and KINI are partners in this work. All of the children, who have no other safe place to go, have been home with Barbara since March when schools closed in Kenya. It is getting very crowded! Three of these girls are ECPK children and we are very thankful for Barbaras support of them.

Please watch “Barbara’s House” and listen to Barbara as she explains just how difficult it is currently is.

Barbara has 10 acres of land with a Early Childhood Centre already built on it. It is surrounded by an elephant proof electic fence and is the perfect place for her new house and a recue centre for girls.

After spending three weeks with her in January 2020 we have seen the need first hand.
She has a quote for $80,000 USD which currently $120,000 AUD.

If you can help please click on DONATE and indicate that it is for the KINI project.


Books Available – $20

Support ECPK by gifting copies of One Trip to Kenya to others.
Readers report being inspired and lifted toward God and His love for His children while reading this wonderful sharing book!

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Since the establishment of Hands of Hope East Africa, it has been an incredible journey both for us as an organization and the children we are supporting.

It has been a privileged to personally witness, the growth of these children who were once homeless, sick, wild, and illiterate and stealing from people in the streets. They had no one to turn to and had nothing to hope for.

With help from Education Care Projects – Kenya it is just amazing how the lives of these children have changed: knowing that these children were once living, fighting and begging in the streets, in the past and seeing them now, in school, reading, singing, healthy and talking about the way God has changed their lives is just wonderful.

These children have formed a community with one another constantly, laughing, smiling and making jokes whenever they are together. They are happily living like real sisters and brothers, their love for one another is very real. While we thank Education Care Projects we know that this beautiful change is something that can only be attributed to a miracle from God.

Some of the children were once sick. Dennis had serious eye problems and could literally have gone blind but thanks to his Australian sponsor was able to be taken to see an eye specialist and now he is getting better and can clearly see.

Dismas was abused and abandoned and was sick almost to death when he was found but with the help of Education Care Projects – Kenya his life was changed. He was provided with medical treatment and care and now he is a healthy and happy lovely boy who is now attends a school for children who are recovering from trauma .

It is satisfying to see these children in school, in good health;
spiritually physically and mentally. They were once wild and abusive and they used to be thieves but now the only thing they can steal is your heart.

Thanks again Education Care Projects – Kenya for helping us children tbe where we are now!

God bless you.

Nestor, Hands of Hope

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  • 1-Dismas
  • 2-Dismas
  • 3-Dismas-Smiles-after-good-food-love-&-Care
    Dismas smiles after good food, love & care

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    Children singing
  • B-Children-enjoying-their-food!
    Children enjoying their food!
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    More food
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    Dump in Eldoret