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Our Partners

Education Care Projects – Kenya partners with Kenyans on the ground in Kenya.

These are wonderful people who share our vision of educating and caring for Kenyan children in need.

(African Nutrition, Education & Child Care )

We are proud to partner with AFNECCare in our Vacation Care program which provides a safe place for students to live during mid-term and term-end breaks. The children enjoy good food comfortable beds, relaxing times as well as the opportunity of having counselling, coaching and computer classes. Should any child get sick they are cared for in the local hospital.
During long term end holidays, we hold an open day when relatives can come and have a good meal and see what is being provided for the children.
Staff from AFNECCare visit students in their various schools to monitor their performance and well being. We believe all children need to be loved cared for and encouraged and with AFNECCare we can be assured this is happening.

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  • Group photo attending the first Vacation Care Program.
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Kisaru Nkera Initiatives (KINI)
Rescue a Child – Rescue a Community

KINI founded and managed by Australian Barbara Parkins is a valued partner of Education Care Projects-Kenya. Our shared passion for providing educational opportunities to Kenyan children trapped in poverty has made us very much kindred spirits.

As well as being an excellent administrator Barbara is kind, compassionate and courageous and we believe that our joint work of caring for and educating children will one day result in the transformation of Kenyan communities.

We are well aware of the need to have trustworthy people living and working full time on the ground in Kenya so as to ensure a high standard of management and accountability so that our donors can always give with confidence.

Barbara manages the running of our Maasai program in which we have 26 students. Some of these students have suffered trauma in their lives while some are total orphans. Some have relatives who are happy to assist with the cost of their education while some do not. Some of our students have a safe place with relatives for the holiday seasons but for those who don’t the KINI Home of Hope is available to them.

The Narok County Governor has donated five acres of his own personal land to KINI for the building of a girls rescue centre, an early childhood educational centre as well as a house which will become a base for any volunteer teams who may come from overseas to help with our projects in that area.

Education Care Projects Kenya and Kisaru Nkera Initiatives are both RAWCS (Rotary Australia World Community Service) projects. Tax Deductible donations are available.

To read about Kisaru Nkeri Initiatives (KINI ) please visit their Facebook page.


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Chuny Maler Kodero Homes  

Meshack and Caroline Odera operate Chuny Maler Kodero Homes (‘Open Heart Home of the Odero Family’) which provides care, modelling and training in sustainable living.

Meshack and family

Trained in Humanitarian Work

Meshack Odera has always had a generous heart and after working with a humanitarian agency (ADRA) in both Nairobi and South Sudan he developed a passion to help people in a more organised sustainable way.

It is much better for Kenyans to help other Kenyans and not be reliant on overseas support and Meshack is both passionate and capable of doing this. He and his wife Caroline have officially registered a company named Chuny Maler Kodera Homes which in English means Open Heart Home of the Odera family.

Meshack teaching gardening

Caring for Themselves and Others

Since acquiring their own land in September of 2020, Meshack and his wife Caroline have been working towards self-sufficiency. Meshack is farming and Caroline is a tailor. Currently, they are providing for themselves and their two youngest children plus an orphaned boy named Vincent they have taken into their family. They also take food to Vincent’s Grandmother. School fees for their children (Mitchelle this year and James next year) are also coming from the harvest of the land!

Zadock and Grandma

Sustainability Education Provider

Meshack is always keen to learn better ways of doing things to both care for the environment and increase productivity. He is currently growing Bamboo to sell to a local processing plant. He has built his own composting toilet and plans to build them for others. As Meshack educates himself, he turns his learning into a teaching showcase of new initiatives people can emulate in his community.

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  • Meshack and family plus Vincent on the steps of their new composting toilet and bathroom

Background Story

The story of how the Odero family have been able to escape the horror of life in a Nairobi slum and be restored to their own land in their tribal area is an interesting and ongoing one. You can follow it on the Needs & Stories page of this website.

Meshack has always been a great help to us when we have visited and worked in Kenya. We are glad to have Chuny Maler Kodero Homes as an Education Care Projects Kenya partner.

Hands of Hope East Africa

Ndayashimiye Nestor a qualified nurse, heath educator and businessman is the founder and CEO of Kenyan community based organisation known as Hands of Hope East Africa. He is part of a team who work on the streets of Eldoret, a town in western Kenya. It is the capital and largest town in Uasin Gishu County.

Nestor helps homeless street children who are without a doubt the most marginalized, the most often ignored and forgotten of children. He firmly believes that education is the key to developing within these children the desire and capacity to break the cycle of poverty and that any assistance, that does not include education will not fix the long term problems in these areas.

His goals are to show these children, who unfortunately have been growing up on the fringes a society, that a better life is possible. His plans are to develop future leaders and his long term goal and hope is that they will one day make a positive impact upon their communities.

Hands of Hope Academy is a boarding primary school established to give these children a quality education in a safe and caring environment. The children are fed very generous serves of good quality nutritious food and provided with clothing and any medical and dental treatment that they may need.

Education Care Projects-Kenya is currently able to support students in the Hands of Hope Program. We have students in primary school, high school and university.

Education Care Projects-Kenya has future plans and dreams that include buying land and building a fully self-sustaining children’s home with a primary & high school attached.

To read more about Hands of Hope East Africa please visit their Facebook page.

Hands of Hope Update

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    Children enjoying their food!
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    Dump in Eldoret