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Our Partners

Education Care Projects – Kenya partners with Kenyans on the ground in Kenya.

These are wonderful people who share our vision of educating and caring for Kenyan children in need.

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    David and us
  • David
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    Elizabeth, Joseph and us
  • Elizabeth
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    Joseph's Family
  • Lilian
  • Lilian-Joseh-and-us
    Lilian, Joseph and us
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    Our latest girls to be rescued, Sintamei and Nanetie.

Enkishon Emaa Welfare Organization

Enkishon Emaa Welfare Organization was registered in Kenya as an NGO in June 2008. Chairman Joseph Suyia is passionate about finding ways to help solve the social problems in his Maasai community. HIV/AIDS has hit this community hard leaving scores of widows and orphaned children to survive as best as they can.

Although illegal and despite the best efforts of the Kenyan government, female circumcision, also known as female genital mutilation is still practiced. Many young girls do not complete more than a few years primary school education before they are circumcised and married off, usually as second or third etc wives to men much older than they are.

Social problems, lack of readily available and affordable health care, violent crimes, depression and anxiety, suicide and abuse have all compounded in this community and left a lot of traumatized children who desperately need help.

Joseph and his team do their best with the limited resources available to them but they know that they are barely able to scratch the surface as the need is so great.

It is education that will give these children hope and the skills to positively impact their communities in the future.

Joseph and his committee dream of having a school especially designed to help children recover from trauma. This facility and the qualified people who will staff it will be used to help them gain comfort, hope and direction for the future and skills that will equip them to earn a living and to help others as they have been helped.

We at Education Care Projects-Kenya would love to be able to help them bring that dream to fruition by one day partnering with them in the building of a school, a training and recovery center. Until that time we are sponsoring twenty five Massai children and have them enrolled in several local primary and high schools.

Hands of Hope East Africa

Nester Ndayashimiye, a qualified nurse and executive director of Masoriot Sanitarium is the founder and CEO of Hands of Hope East Africa. He and his team work on the streets of Eldoret, a town in western Kenya. It is the capital and largest town in Uasin Gishu County. Nester helps homeless street children who are without a doubt the most marginalized, the most often ignored and forgotten. He firmly believes that education is the key to developing within these children the desire and capacity to break the cycle of poverty and that any assistance, that does not include education will not fix the long term problems in these areas.

His goals are to show that a better life is possible and to develop future leaders among these children who unfortunately grow up on the fringes of society. Nester’s ultimate and long term goal and hope is that these children will in turn help make their communities self-sufficient.

Education Care Projects-Kenya is currently able to support twelve of these children and as a result they are not only attending school but have food, clothes and any medical or dental treatment that they need.

Education Care Projects-Kenya and our partners’ future plans include buying land, building a fully self-sustaining children’s village and school.

To read more about Hands of Hope East Africa please visit their website.

Hands of Hope Update

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    Children singing
  • B-Children-enjoying-their-food!
    Children enjoying their food!
  • C-More-Food
    More food
  • Dump-in-Eldoret
    Dump in Eldoret

  • Teclkla-before-
    Teckla before
  • Tecla-with-Leon-
    Teckla with Leon
  • Teckla-now
    Teckla now
  • Emmanuel-before-surgery
    Emmanuel before surgery
  • Emmanuel-as-he-can-walk-now
    Emmanuel after surgery, he can walk now

Duncan Isaac Livumbatsi Mahangilu

Duncan Isaac Livumbatsi Mahangilu is in charge of the Kenyan chapter of the ‘Charity Hope Without Borders’.
As well as being a wonderful help to our work he is also a dedicated Rotarian and runs a small transport business in Nairobi. Duncan has helped us by arranging medical appointments for two of our children, arranging hospital bookings and organizing surgery when it was needed. He provides the records and photos that we need as well as arranging any follow up that maybe needed. He does assessments and research, gets legal advice and generally does the things for me in Kenya that I am unable to do and I am indeed grateful for his help.

Now little Teckla can walk with out crutches and with her cathetar she can go to school without embarrassment.

Emmanuel, though still in need of ongoing physiotherapy, can now walk to school and does not even need a stick!