Newsletters from the past:

Massai Girls Rescued


Sharon on the day of her rescue

9 girls have been rescued from out of abusive, life threatening situations. We are happy to report that they are all happy, enrolled in school and enjoying life. Pictured, is Sharon and Leon from Education Care Projects – Kenya, on the day of her rescue.

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Old News (but worth remembering!)

Pop Up Op Shop Opens!

On Monday the 10th of August the Education Care Projects Op Shop opened its doors in the main street of Mullumbimby.

We will need helpers and donations of saleable goods would be much appreciated.

All funds raised go to help underpriviledged Kenyan children and young adults gain an education.

See you there!!

Where: Store sandwiched between Commonwealth Bank and the Chincogan Real Estate on Mullumbimby Main St

When: Monday – Friday

Time: 9.30am – 4.00pm 


Education Care Projects Facebook Page for More Info

Adullam Closing 

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Adullam Children’s Home

Sadly one of our partners, the Adullam Childrens’ Home has decided to close but we are continuing to support the children’s education.

We have three at university, six attending boarding high schools and ten in primary school. The ten primary students are being cared for by families in Webuye and Bungoma.

We are so thankful to the sponsors who make it possible for these children to gain an education.

Hands of Hope East Africa

Fresh bread is now on the menu for the children at the Gilead Education Centre school where we have 12 of our sponsored Hands of Hope East Africa children.

Currently they are baking bread three days a week but they hope to expand the operation soon to not only supply the school but sell to the surrounding community. It is hoped that the business will grow and provide funds to support the school. Love it!!

Little Lenina Liberated

We always need donations for the ongoing work of Education  Care-Projects in Kenya. Please note that all donations made in Australia are fully tax deductible.

The latest, very welcome addition to our program is a young boy named Lenina , as a total orphan, which means that even with the passing of his parents, he does not have any extended family to look after him. This vulnerability, unfortunately, led him to being abused by many people.

He is now enrolled safely in school! His rescue has cost approx $450AUD.

Another 45 Rescued

Hands of Hope East Africa have identified another 45 children living on the streets of Eldoret, who would benefit from their education program..
People can help to sponsor one or more of these children. This would allow a child to be rescued giving them a safe home, good food, medical treatment and an education. If you are willing to help then please contact me for the details.


John’s Update

John will be released from hospital in the next two weeks. His survival and recovery have come at a cost and the hospital bill is currently 98,558.00 KES ($1,350AU) Enkishon-emaa Welfare does not have the finances to pay and are trying to fundraise. If any one who reads this is in a position to help it would be appreciated.

Help if you can

John Makes It

Good news has come through from my friend Joseph Suyia who runs Enkisho emaa Welfare, a small NGO dedicated to helping the needs of the people of Maasai Land in Kenya. For the back ground information on the injured man pictured, please go to the Education Care Project FB page by clicking on this link
Education Care Projects-Kenya Facebook

The news is very encouraging as John has survived the first operation and will soon begin to have skin grafts. My interest in this case is not only because he is a desperate man in need but he is also the Father of young children who will need to be educated one day and they need him! Thank you to the two kind people who have donated towards the cost of the medical treatment already but I am thinking that we will need more.

If you feel that you could help then please do so. If you do not need a tax receipt you may donate at any Westpac Branch into the Education Care Projects – Kenya Account BSB 032539 Account No. 438897 BUT If you would like to receive a tax receipt then please click on the link below and fill in the details required and a receipt will be emailed to you.

I would like to Donate and I need a receipt
Thank you so very much for helping to give help to this poor man.