Issue 5 – Lighting Little Lives

Education Care Projects Kenya helps both boys and girls.

Some children were trapped in illegal child marriages.

Other children were born as cursed children and miraculously escaped attempts on their lives at birth.

Others were the victims of horrendous abuse and injustice.

And still more children witnessed things no child should ever see and as a result, they are struggling with post-traumatic stress and all that comes with it.

Before ECPK gave them an opportunity, the children had no voice, no choice, no future and lived in darkness. But since joining our program they live in the wonderful light of hope and freedom.

Each of our children are enrolled in good schools, have uniforms, books, healthy food and the help of kind encouraging teachers.

Our children feel they now have a hope and a future.

This is the work and the mission of Education Care Projects Kenya.

If you choose to partner with us, we say – and God’s children say – thank you!

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