Issue 3 – A Letter from Carole Platt

A Christmas thank you to all who partner with us to educate and care for the disadvantaged in Kenya. These young people only have such opportunities because you intentionally chose to help.

At Hands of Hope Academy, Nestor provides a safe haven for 41 lives. 29 in primary school, 8 in high school and 4 in University. Most of these children were rescued from the dump, the streets or other desperate situations. At Hands of Hope Academy the children enjoy good food, are cared for by people who love them and given a Christian education by well qualified caring teachers in a safe environment which provides a healthy balance of work and play.

Joseph’s Enkishon Emaa Welfare Program cares for 21 beautiful young people. All have come from dreadful situations. Instead of fearing for their lives, they now laugh, play and enjoy life as children should. As they are waiting for the Enkishon Emaa Academy buildings to be completed, they attend boarding schools and return to the safety of Joseph’s place for the holidays.

One girl told me, once she lived in darkness but now everything is light and she is so happy.

If you would like to make a one-off Christmas donation we would be truly grateful. You can also partner with us by making a contribution each month. Your generosity helps pay the expenses of these beautiful children.

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