“Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

My name is Carole Platt and I am the founder of Education Care Projects – Kenya. We use education to change the world of orphaned, abandoned and under privileged children and young adults in Kenya.

Many, too many, Kenyan children are born into crippling poverty, abuse and a myriad other injustices and because of this, we are working to give them an education, that will not only set them free but will equip them to help their families and communities as well. We realise that though we cannot change things in Kenya educated Kenyan children can.

As vital as education is, we still have to take care of other needs especially of children born with disabilities or for those injured in accidents. Corrective surgery is what is needed but due to the high costs involved, it is not usually an option. Hence Education Care Projects-Kenya does its best to provide the best medical care possible so that these children can be free to reach their fullest potential through education.

I am just one Australian woman, working with a wonderful team of helpers not just in Australia but more importantly on the ground, in Kenya and while we know that we cannot fix every problem for every child in need in Kenya, we do know that we are making a huge difference.

I hope that as you explore this site and see our work, you will consider partnering with us so that our work can continue to grow.

Education Care Projects-Kenya is a project of the Rotary Club of Mt Warning AM (Murwillumbah) and is RAWCS Project No.1/2013-14